Lead Came manufacturers

Barn Glass is one of a handful of Lead Came manufacturers in the UK

Premium quality Lead Came bundles for use with stained glass, produced on site.

H Section Lead Cames flat and round.


Bundle Sizes (14kg per bundle)

  • 1/4" Round - 30 cames per bundle
  • 3/8" Round - 28 cames per bundle
  • 3/8"Flat - 28 cames per bundle
  • 1/2" Round - 25 cames per bundle
  • 1/2" Flat - 25 cames per bundles
  • 5/8" Flat - 17 cames per bundle
  • 5/16" Round - 29 cames per bundle

Each lead came is approximately 1800mm in length.

Flat lead can act as an outer/inner lead and be used with older panels.

Round lead is used as an inner lead only.

All sections have a standard 5mm channel which will accept 3mm and 4mm glass.

Cames will need to be stretched prior to using.