Where larger rooflights are required, over and above the maximum size for a single pane of glass, we can supply Multi-section Flatglass rooflights. These provide the same characteristics and sleek, aesthetically-pleasing profile as the single pane Flatglass units that we offer.

Standard Glass Specification

  • Our standard glass specifi cation is as follows: 6mm clear glass heat soak tested toughened outer pane, with a 20mm argon filled (90%) cavity plus warm edge spacer and a 6mm clear glass Low-E heat soak tested toughened inner pane, all UV resistant silicone bonded.
  • Please note: Maximum kerb span is 3.2m as standard, larger spans can be accommodated via special order.
  • Unlimited lengths are available


  • Double or triple glazed units
  • Walk-on specifi cation glass available up to a 2.5m span
  • Integrated 24v or 230v electrically-operated opening sections
  • Wall abutments available on up to three sides
  • PVCu ‘Aero-fi n’ shroud for internal glazing bars (can be colour matched to suit)
  • We can supply bespoke glass specifications to meet your project requirements, including body tinted, obscure, acoustic, laminated, krypton filled (90%) cavity and solar control options.