Our leading rooflight design means that daylight is maximised while the visible framework is minimised, resulting in a product that offers the best in both form and function.

Maximum standard external kerb sizes (double glazed)

  • Square: up to 1900mm x 1900mm or 3.6m2 as standard, larger sizes available via special order
  • Rectangular: up to 5m2 (toughened glass) as standard, up to 9m2 (via special order)
  • Circular: up to 2.2m diameter for single pane, up to 3.2m diameter for multi-section. Please note: Minimum kerb size is 500mm x 500mm

Standard Glass Specification

  • For stock sizes of Fixed Flatglass rooflights, our standard glass specification is as follows: 6mm clear glass heat soak tested toughened outer pane, with a 20mm argon filled (90%) cavity plus warm edge spacer and a 6mm clear glass Low-E heat soak tested toughened inner pane, all UV resistant silicone bonded.


Maximum Standard External Kerb Sizes (double glazed)

  • Square: up to 1900mm x 1900mm
  • Rectangular: up to 5m2 as standard
  • Circular: up to 2200mm diameter (single pane)
  • Please note: Minimum kerb size is 500mm x 500mm


  • Recommended minimum pitch of 50 up to a 2m span, and 100 over a 2m span to shed water
  • We can supply bespoke glass specifications to meet your project requirements, including body tinted, obscure, acoustic, laminated, krypton filled (90%) cavity and solar control options
  • Bespoke shapes and sizes available