Goodyers Avenue, Radlett

Beautiful bay windows at the front of the house, added grandeur and character to the property

This beautiful new build, was built to a high specification for a family, who requested open plan living that was filled with light. Barn Glass helped the architects, Counter & King achieve this by installing large sliding doors at the rear of the property.  A large rooflight was installed on the first floor hallway to flood the hall with light.  And the windows for each room, and beautiful bay windows at the front of the house, added grandeur and character to the property.    In the garden a private office was installed, with large sliding doors to create a delightful home office.


Gills Hill, Radlett

Introducing a beautiful rooflight, to help light flood the new extension

Barn Glass were asked to supply all the glazing for this beautiful new extension, as well as replacing all the windows, in the rest of the house.  The extension at the back of the house introduced a beautiful rooflight, to help light flood the new extension and also create a feeling of space with the lovely high ceiling.  And a traditional feeling was kept by installing French doors to lead from the kitchen living area onto the Garden.


Addison Avenue, W11

Bespoke patent glazed roofing system, with an opening vent

This London property needed to allow maximum light into the dining area, due to the linear nature of the property. With a rooflight allowing 40% more light into a room than a conventional vertical window, the architects chose this bespoke patent glazed roofing system, with an opening vent. They used the latest colour of Anthracite Grey to complement the roof.


The Grove, Radlett.

Large sliding doors giving a strong visual relationship with the garden

The unaltered Front Façade of an Edwardian villa gives little away. This project involved completely rethinking the circulation of the house. The existing staircase which turned its back on the garden was removed then reversed to allow a new central axis from the front door to the rear garden. By shifting the upper staircase from the rear to the front a triple height void was created giving spectacular views into the garden and down into a new copper clad, single storey extension.

This new addition containing the kitchen and informal dining area was in turn bathed in light from the rooflights and stair void above. The rear elevation was almost entirely glazed in the modern style with large sliding doors giving a strong visual relationship with the garden, bringing the outside in.

Letchmore Road, Radlett

The property was re-born, uplifting and full of light

What a transformation.  This unattractive and badly proportioned 1960s property in Radlett had a new extension combining the use of glass, to allow maximum light into the property. The rooflight  in the entrance hall, and the use of glass panels instead of walls, bathed the property in light. The property was re-born, uplifting and full of light.

Hendon, NW4 – Fancy a Splash

Sliding doors create an atmosphere of stunning moving glass walls

The owners of this beautiful property wanted to create a Mediterranean retreat in their backgarden.  They used sliding doors which are stylish and functional.  With their large panes and slick aluminium frames, the sliding doors created the atmosphere of stunning moving glass walls.  As well as the sliding doors, the rooflights streamed light into the area, giving the effect of an outside pool.  The owners were extremely happy and can pretend they are on holiday everyday.

Buckfield, Radlett

Two linear rooflights that together create a light filled primary axis

This two double storey rear extensions to an 1850s and 1930s wing, are visually separated by two linear rooflights that together create a light filled primary axis. And the glazed walkway bridges the double height slot. A modern aesthetic of dark grey aluminium was fused with traditional forms to create a series of intimate cellular spaces that open out into the axis and the modern open plan garden room.

Ugly House to Lovely House with George Clarke

Ugly House, Channel 4 Episode 3, Hertfordshire

See the full episode here

Sue and Simon’s awkward house is revamped, inside and out, by architect Laura Jane Clark, including a moved staircase, a revolving wall, skylights and a new paint job outside.

With the house being very dark and claustrophobic, Simon and Sue needed light into the middle of their house to penetrate the whole living area. Their architect, Laura, used a clever piece of design by installing a skylight over the re-positioned stairs, to allow the living area to be flooded with light.

A skylight is a key architectural tool which allows 40% more light into a room than a conventional vertical window.

George Clarke says “Even a small skylight can be transformative, flooding a space with light”

Laura’s stairwell skylight was made up of 3 large panes of glass, with narrow frames to match the profile of the rafters exactly, to allow in maximum light. At a cost of about £800 it was both elegant and cost effective.

After a 3 week wait, the glazing for the skylight finally arrived and was fitted. Laura designed it so it sat between the roof trusses exactly, so it needed to be millimetre perfect.

Laura stressed that, “When you use rigid glass, into something that is not particularly rigid (the rafters), there is always an element of risk and worry, but they looked gorgeous.”

Sue loves the skylight which has been fitted and it is her favourite space in the house. She wants to put a chair at the top of the stairs to take advantage of it. Both Simon and Sue agreed that, “it is no longer just a staircase now; it is more than that now.”

George Clarke was so impressed with the skylight, “the way that Laura, and the team on site did that skylight is really clever.”

The skylight became a big light well for the entire house. The skylight achieved its purpose of letting lots of lovely light right down into the first floor, through the staircase and into the dining and living space.

See the full episode here

Greenford, London

Bi-Fold doors and rooflights help make living space brighter

With a growing family, the owners of this Greenford property, employed the architect Liz Biagini to transform their home to give them more living space. Liz added an extension which incorporated an airy open plan kitchen/dining area.

Liz wanted to make the new living area as bright as possible, and add an architectural feature to the building. The Pyramid Rooflight allowed her to achieve the look she and her client were after. And the bi-fold doors also helped to make the new extension feel very airy and bring the outside in.

The rooflights that Barn Glass fitted allowed the area to get supreme sky views and flood the room with light, due to their slim profiles.


West Ealing, London

Kelly Ohlmus and Darren Taylor update an existing extension to create a bright and airy kitchen-diner.

Real Homes Magazine, November 2015

Kelly Ohlmus and her partner Darren Taylor fell in love with their house the moment they walked in, but knew they wanted to remodel the back of the house. An extension had already been done by the previous owners, but the single skylight above the kitchen, looked dated and needed reworking.

Kelly asked local designer Liz Biagini for help. Liz transformed Kelly’s ideas onto paper and transformed the original L-shaped kitchen/diner, with a separate family room into an open-plan living room and kitchen. Kelly loved the idea of using glass to let the sunlight in, as she wanted to achieve a light and airy area. So Liz incorporated a 4 panel rooflight and floor to ceiling bi-fold doors into the plans.

There were no issues with the renovation, but getting the measurements right for the double-glazed, panelled glass roof and floor to ceiling bi-fold doors was a worry for the couple. The framework had to be in place before the measurements could be confirmed. Kelly says “I had a few sleepless nights, but the build was fully glazed and sealed with three weeks, thanks to the helpful team at Barn Glass”.

The new space was flooded with light from the glass roof and bi-fold doors, giving Kelly and Darren a feeling of a delightful open space for all the family to enjoy – and even on the gloomiest of English days its bright and comfortable.


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